Faculty Associated with the FXB Center

Dennis S. Bernstein, Professor, theory and application of nonlinear systems identification, adaptive control, and large scale state estimation for data assimilation.

Carlos Cesnik, Professor, Director of the Active Aeroelastic and Structures Laboratory, computational aeroelasticity, controllable twist rotors and morphing structures, structural health monitoring, and HALE

Karthik Duraisamy, Assistant Professor, computational modeling of complex aerospace problems with a focus on data-driven modeling, also founder and leader of computational aerosciences laboratory.

Peretz P. Friedmann, FXB Professor, Center Director, rotary and fixed wing computational aeroelasticity, on blade control of vibration and noise in rotorcraft, hypersonic vehicle aerothermoelasticity, multidisciplinary optimization with aeroelastic constraints, turbomachinery aeroelasticity.

Joachim Martins, Professor, Director Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Laboratory, development of MDO methodologies to the design of aircraft, high fidelity simulation using high performance parallel

Ashwani Padthe, PhD, Research Investigator, on blade control of vibration and noise using flaps and microflaps, computational aeromechanics of rotorcraft, interactions between on blade control and helicopter flight control.